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Switzerland (Lausanne)

The land of the efficient and the expensive.

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After missing our Milan to Switzerland train by five minutes due to a train derailment, we were quite looking forward to Swiss efficiency. Especially as the delay had us hanging around in the stifling heat of the Milan train station for an additional 5 hours.

The three hour train trip takes you through stunning Italian and Switzerland towns and beautiful lakes including Lake Maggiore. As you reach Lausanne the train travels along Lake Geneva (or Lac Leman as it is correctly known). This lake is sparkling green and surrounded by tall mountains (some of them still snow capped), steep vineyards and pretty little towns. Arriving in Lausanne it was lovely to be picked up in a car by Loli, but we kept our distance and avoided the French embrace as we were rather rank after 14 hours on the hop. A shower and food and we were soon recovered and catching up with our Swiss/Australian friends. The next day we drove down to the Lake and enjoyed lunch at a local lakeside restaurant ... we had to keep remembering to use 'oui' instead of 'si' and 'merci' not 'grazie'. The cooler weather after weeks of 30+ was lovely, and being driven everywhere was a true luxury. Some of the highlights included:

Aussie BBQ Swiss Style


  • A trip to Geneva on the flash, efficient, graffiti free, expensive train ($130 for a family). Geneva is on the same lake as Lausanne and has an amazing water fountain and beautiful old town. We were keen to hire free bikes but unfortunately we didn't have our passports. A walk around the lake and a wander into the old town was a great way to get a feel for the city.

Geneva - Old Town




  • Dan and I enjoyed a bike ride (childfree) from Morges to Ouchy - about 12 kms around the lake. The lake is surrounded by little beaches where families swim and relax, and beautiful houses that have gardens stretching down to the lake - making this a very picturesque part of the world. The bikes are easy to hire and can be left at many of the local depositories in the main parts of the towns.
  • An early departure with kids in tow to walk up to Lac De Taney. This was about an hour and a half walk up rocky paths and through stunning forrested areas. The kids did amazingly well especially given that they didn't have proper walking shoes. Once at the top we swam in the beautiful mountain chilled lake, and had a delicious lunch at a local swiss restaurant. Dan, Loli and Kevin shared a steaming cauldron of fondue (adding back the kilos burnt off in the walk).

The Trek


A Little Break


The Latest in Hiking Gear


What A View


There at Last


The Mountain Lake


Bit Chilly


Bit Cheesy


Next Walk


  • A ferry ride to Montreux where we saw the statue of Freddy Mercury. Loved the ferry, but thought this town was rather overrated with not much to see other than the former front-man for Queen. The famous jazz festival had finished the previous week.
  • A casual run for Dan leading to a search and rescue party (Loli and Kevin) being sent out and his eventual wet and cold return (two hours later) by the kind Serge. (Note to Dan - always take the address or phone with you).

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